Sales in Sonoma County Jump 10% to $3.97 Billion in 2017

Sales in Sonoma County Jump 10% to $3.97 Billion in 2017

A record amount of money changes hands in the Sonoma Country Real Estate market at the end of last year. Sales were extremely driven for housing after the fires that burned thousand of homes.

At the end of last year, buyers purchased nearly $738 million in houses and condos in Sonoma County, according to The Press Democrat’s monthly housing report.

The previous record for November and December was $659 million, set in 2005 in the midst of the national housing bubble, which were all too familiar with.

For 2017, buyers spent $3.97 billion on houses and condos, a 10.2 percent increase from 2016. When not adjusting for inflation, only 2005 produced a higher total, a record $4.41 billion that became a high water mark before a national housing crisis sent prices tumbling a few years later.

For the past five years, the county’s housing market has been marked by rising prices and stable or declining sales. Real estate agents consistently have called it a seller’s market, with relatively few homes available given the number of buyers making offers. But wildfires in October scorched more than 5,100 homes and claimed 24 lives in Sonoma County. Brokers are still trying to understand how the fires changed the market, even as we start 2018 – we are figuring out where the market will take us this year. Will there be more inventory or less due to the damage in 2017?

For November and December, Laws simultaneously reported a spike in new listings and a drop in inventory. There were increased sales and rising prices.

Many properties that had seemed “overpriced” before the flames were snapped up in November by those desperately seeking a place to live, a local was quoted saying late last year.

The number of both completed sales and new listings rose to the highest level for November and December since 2005. But the number of available homes on the market took a downturn after the fire.

December ended with fewer than 390 single-family homes for sale, a decline of 20 percent from a year earlier.


The median price for a single-family home reached a record $669,500 in December, an increase of 14.4 percent from the previous year.

Before the housing crash, the monthly median hit a high of $619,000 in August 2005 and later plunged to a low of $305,000 in February 2009. Countywide, sales of single-family homes rose to 4,724 for the full year, an increase of 1.1 percent.


Most of those sold lots are expected to eventually be resold with newly built “spec” homes on them, meaning houses offered for sale by speculators. We must rebuild, and have come together stronger than ever in this community. We have very exciting projects coming in the new year, and are excited to providing amazing properties for people who are ready to make Wine Country there permanent home, or beautiful retreat to enjoy the seasons.

Continue to come back and check in, as we will have very exciting projects to unveil from our 2018 collection!

Check us out on our Facebook Page, as we provide plenty of updates featuring our updating listings and what is currently going on in the market.

Summer Sports Are Heating Up in the Bay Area and a New Owner Emerges for The Sonoma Stompers

sonoma stompersTake me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd, buy me some peanuts and a BASEBALL TEAM?

Yes, you read that right… a baseball team. The Sonoma Stompers, professional baseball team, is under new ownership. Local businessman and Sonoma native, Jon Sebastiani, founder of KRAVE Jerky and other Sonoma Brands, has purchased the team from former owner, Eric Gullotta.

Sebastiani has big plans for the Stompers baseball organization; plans that will not only benefit the team, but the community as well. “I am thrilled to continue the growth of the Sonoma Stompers organization by elevating fan experiences and making the club an even larger part of the fabric of our community. I want to help build something that the town is proud of and to give back to the community here in a way that is unique,” said Sebastiani.

So, what does that mean for the Stomper’s fan’s experience and the community of Sonoma? For one, Stomper’s fans can anticipate a larger selection of food and wine! (Because no true Wine Country experience is complete without…WINE.) Sebastiani also looked to the locals for some feedback, taking the extra step to create an advisory board of Sonomans who share a passion for the game and community. “We’re coming up with creative ways that we can benefit the community and make the games really fun…The most important thing is that the Stompers be a vehicle for wholesome family entertainment,” said Sebastiani.

There are plans to create lasting relationships/partnerships with various community groups that include the Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma, the Hanna Boys Center and other groups that will help attract newer fans. Through these partnerships Sebastiani hopes to raise money for worthy causes and give back to the Sonoma community; a community he is so proud of.

You can get your Stomper’s fix in Sonoma starting June 13th (the Stompers started on the road June 2). For more information on the Sonoma Stompers, please visit

As the Sonoma Stompers get ready for their season opener, some of the Bay Area teams are either ready to unwind or mid-season. Let’s recap on some 2017 Bay Area Team’s seasons.


sonoma stompers warriorsGolden State Warriors

Can we say déjà vu? Looks like 2017 will bring another showdown between bitter NBA rivals, our beloved Golden State Warriors and last year’s champs the Cleveland Cavilers who narrowly edged out the Warriors last year.

What a season the Warriors have had! Making history by going 12-0 through three rounds, the Golden State Warriors are looking to even the score. All this excitement happening, all the while the 2016 NBA Champions Cavaliers lost but only one game in the Eastern Conference.

As we prepare for the end of the 2017 season, it appears the finals are gearing up to be quiet the epic trilogy, leaving the ball in anyone’s court! The NBA Finals continue June 8 at 6 p.m. PST on ABC. Warriors lead the Series 2-0 and are in Cleveland. For more information on everything Golden State visit


san francisco giants sonoma stompersSF Giants

The start of the season showcased a team unrecognizable from last year’s division hopefuls, but are we beginning to see a 2017 season comeback? Hard to say and as every fan knows, the season is long and October seems like a distant question of what is to come. Was starting the season opener with a loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks a peek into what the future will bring for the SF Giants? It surely felt that way as they continued their losing streak going 9-17 in the first month of the season.

However, despite starting the season with major offensive battles, the Giants look to be turning their luck around. The May 12th game seemed to be the turning point for the Giants going 17 innings before taking the win against the Cincinnati Reds and further advancing, with a five-game winning streak. The month of May produced strong numbers for the Giants, but what is stopping them from the needed full-blown comeback?

A couple of issues come to mind: late-game disasters, a weak offensive and less than impressive bullpen performances. The Giants are just not getting the hits they need, while their opponents are smashing home runs in bundles mostly against the relief pitching; which remains the Team’s biggest struggle.

Fans are hoping for a dramatic comeback with so many games to go. As any true baseball fan knows, the game is not over until the final out is called. For all things SF Giants, visit

Springtime in Sonoma’s Wine Country

Spring has sprung! So what does that mean for the residents and visitors of Sonoma Valley? Sun, fun, flowers, food and festivals!

With over 400 wineries throughout Sonoma County, fun is never more than a step away. Kicking off our spring fling is the 2nd Annual Bubbles and Blooms Festival presented by Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyards. Bubbles and Blooms you ask? Why YES! This festival is a celebration of spring, food and sparkling wine. The event takes place on April 22nd, 2017 or for many others, Earth Day. It will showcase a flower market, DYI workshops and sustainable gardening classes, as well as a walk through the vineyards to experience “bud break” up close and personal. So if you are looking for a little bubbly and bloom you won’t want to miss this celebration.





Now for all my foodies, Sonoma has something special for you! The world’s largest heirloom tomato seedling sale is in town April 22nd -23rd at the Cornerstone, Sonoma. Tomatomania is an event that showcases over 150 varieties of tomatoes, offers classes, garden tours and gives you the opportunity to sample Sonoma wines, grab lunch and shop the specialty stores Sonoma Cornerstone has to offer. If you fancy fresh tomatoes, fantastic food and better yet fabulous wine, then this is the event for you!








For many who visit the wine country or for the many more that call it home, most have several things in common. Many enjoy food, most enjoy fun and many many more enjoy…WINE (for the age appropriate of course). April in the Sonoma wine country offers many magical sights. As the spring ripens so do the thousands of acres of vineyards (close to 60,000 is what we’re are working with in Sonoma County). The air is fresh and the grass green and the buds are breaking, making it the perfect time to enjoy wine! Luckily, you don’t need a festival to just enjoy a smooth glass of wine in the wine country. With over 400 wineries, we wanted to highlight some of the unique wineries Sonoma has to offer and the “springesque” activities you can enjoy alongside your glass of handcrafted vino.


  • Bocce Ball
  • Gardens
  • Picnic Grounds

And more…..



Cornerstone Sonoma

With a collection of over 25+ galleries, gardens, eclectic shopping and three wineries, the Cornerstone Sonoma is the perfect place for a lazy Sunday stroll.






Bartholomew Park Winery, located on historic estate grounds, is picture perfect, pet friendly and the ideal location for the adventurous weekend wanderer. Whether you’re looking to tour, taste, pair or play, Bartholomew Park Winery offers a wide variety of amenities to help you enjoy a day in the wine country.





Chateau St. Jean

Lifestyle, luxury and lavish are just a few words that describe the Chateau St. Jean estate. Established in 1973, it’s safe to say this Sonoma estate like a fine wine, only gets better with age! The impeccably kept grounds are perfect for a casual group outing, a couple’s getaway or an intimate wedding, so whether you’re planning on forever or just for a day, Chateau St. Jean is perfect for all affairs!






Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery

And now finally, a place friendly for all ages, Sebastiani Winery and Vineyards, a Sonoma tradition since 1904. What we love about this winery is not only the location (in the heart of Sonoma!) but the casual and lively atmosphere fit for family and our beloved four legged friends. Tasting, tours, history, education and food sum up the daily activities that take place on the grounds. Relax and indulge in all the wine country has to offer, all the while relishing in a piece of Old Sonoma history.

The Ultimate Guide to The Sonoma Valley Spring Real Estate Market 2017

With spring being the busiest time for Sonoma real estate, homeowners planning to put their homes on the Sonoma Valley real estate market shouldn’t wait for flowers to bloom before getting ready to sell. Having a few weeks to prepare can make for a much smoother and faster transaction. The spring real estate market is often very fast paced and it’s important that you understand what to expect. Please review our ‘Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Sonoma Home in Spring 2017’ to discover exactly what needs to be done in preparation for a wildly successful sale.

ITS ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW | Carol Sebastiani and Associates will consult with you to create a game plan that will lead to a highly successful sale. I will guide you through the process and answer any questions ensuring a seamless experience. I have been a top Sonoma Valley agent for over 10 years and I consistently rank in the top 1% of real estate agents in both Napa and Sonoma counties.

LESS IS MORE  |  Sort through belongings, room by room, and determine what you want to keep, what to donate and what to sell. Boxing up items will make your space look more spacious when it’s time to show your home. You can also get an idea of whether you need to rent a storage facility while your home is on the market

Many homeowners who begin planning for their move will elect to purchase a storage facility or unit. Since there are many different types of storage options it’s important to know how to choose a storage facility or unit beforehand.

Sonoma Valley Spring Real Estate Market

A BLANK SLATE  |  If you visit model homes or open houses, you’ll notice the absence of magazine stacks, children’s artwork and family photos covering the fridge, or a porcelain doll collection. While everyone has clutter, buyers want to see the ideal version of your house. Once your home is on the market you’ll need to keep it as neat as possible by reducing the number of items you have on in plain view. Tuck away countertop appliances and family photos, laundry baskets, cat and dog toys, etc. Packing away mementos and items you don’t need will make a significant difference in helping potential buyers envision this as their next home.

BEAUTIFYING  |  Almost every home can use some improvements and when listing your Sonoma home for sale, you do not have to make every improvement you can think of, but you can make minor repairs and improvements that will make your home look modern and clean to buyers.

Aside from major home repairs, there are several projects that you can do around your house that are low-cost, high-ROI  when it comes time to put your home on the market.

INTERIOR IMPROVEMENTS  |  Below are some of the most important interior tasks to complete when preparing a home for sale.

  • Clean windows
  • Clean light bulbs and replace, if necessary
  • Wash and polish flooring
  • Vacuum and steam clean any carpeting
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Organize all closets and storage areas
  • Declutter
  • Repaint/Neutralize rooms, if necessary
  • Deep clean appliances
  • Get air flowing and clean out the air ducts

Sonoma Valley Spring Real Estate Market

EXTERIOR IMPROVEMENTS  |  As we all know, curb appeal of a home usually makes a significant impact on whether or not a buyer elects to view a home. Below are some of the most important exterior tasks to complete when preparing a home for the spring real estate market:

  • Reseal driveway
  • Freshly mulch flower beds and gardens
  • Trim shrubs and bushes
  • Plant bright flowers and plants
  • Clean windows
  • Paint faded or peeling paint, if applicable
  • Wash siding, if applicable
  • Clean and inspect gutters and downspouts
  • Inspect roof
  • Inspect chimney
  • Service your HVAC systems (furnace & central air conditioning)
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your home
  • Inspect the plumbing

REGARDING PAINT  |  Putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls and trim will always make a big difference. Especially when it’s a gorgeous neutral and on-trend shade.  Many designers are experimenting with colors other than the typical shades of white.  Darker shades can add depth and interest to a room, while still remaining neutral. Using a darker shade to provide a contrast with trim and molding can really highlight these architectural details. Paint companies Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have both recently announced their 2017 Color of the Year: Sherwin-Williams has picked Poised Taupe for 2017. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for the company, described it like this: “It’s like gray and brown had a baby.” Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore selected: Shadow, a purplish hue…”sophisticated, provocative and poetic, it can bring energy to a space or harmony and a moment of respite” in the words of the company’s creative director, Ellen O’Neill. Some great places for these darker colors are bathrooms and soaring ceilings. These rich colors add dimension and make a home feel cozier. Some additional gorgeous 2017 Spring trends are Carrara marble, White Oak flooring, fresh cut flowers or foliage, and supple textures, to name a few.

Sonoma Valley Spring Real Estate Market

TIMING  |   The spring market, anytime after February 1st and before June 1st,  is the undisputed season for home selling. Not only are flowers in bloom and the sky blue for some great marketing photos, but also people are eager to get the process started so they can be moved in and settled before fall. Spring is considered a generally favorable time for both buyers and sellers as the weather improves allowing homes to show well and more frequently, along with an uptick in inventory for buyers to browse. To the contrary of what many sellers believe, timing the spring real estate market is very important.  Listing a home for sale too early or too late can cost a seller thousands of dollars.  Carol Sebastiani and Associates will discuss with you about the current market conditions in order to determine exactly when to list your home for sale.

Carol Sebastiani and Associates will analyze statistics from previous years to see when the best time to list a home for sale in a particular neighborhood.  While it’s no guarantee that the current year will be the same as previous, by analyzing trends within a particular area from previous years, I can increase the chances that we time listing the home for sale correctly.

Listing before the spring market kicks into high gear has some real benefits, including exposing your home to motivated buyers before the competition floods the market and If you spend the winter months preparing for spring, you’ll find yourself ready to move fast when buyers come out of hibernation.

Spring 2017 is the best time to be selling a home in Sonoma Valley, for multiple reasons;

  • Supply of ready, willing, and able buyers is the highest in the spring
  • Buyers typically get their tax returns during the spring which can be put towards the purchase of a home
  • More daylight and sunshine means homes will typically show better
  • Our especially gorgeous landscaping and curb appeal during the spring is better than the fall or winter months
  • Overall, prices across California are expected to remain fairly stable over the next year or so
  • Long-term forecasts call for gradual appreciation over the coming years, so buying a home in the state is still considered a good investment

Whether you’re buying or selling, the spring real estate market can be a hectic and fast-paced season. The National Association of Realtors recently conducted a new consumer survey that predicts home values will continue to rise over the course of 2017. After an impressive year for the housing market in 2016, 62% of current homeowners believe it’s a good time to sell. And because The state’s job market has improved steadily since the recession, now is still a very good time to buy.

PRICING  |   Deciding what price to list your home at takes more than just knowing what you would like to get for your home; you need to have a clear understanding of what other homes like yours have sold for. Carol Sebastiani & Associates will be able to do the research on comparable homes in the area and help you price your home to sell highest and fastest. I will provide you with a great marketing plan and my deep Sonoma Valley real estate market knowledge is extremely important. Another extremely important part of the game plan that needs to be determined when preparing to sell a home during the spring real estate market is the price a home will be listed for.  Carol Sebastiani and Associates will consult with you to help determine the price your home should be listed at, in order to initiate a timely and sale.

PREPARING FOR SHOWINGS  |  It’s very important that when selling a home, whether it’s during the spring or not, that a seller understands how to prepare a home for the real estate market. Having a checklist for what to do when you get a showing notification is very helpful. Go through the house and tidy up, put away dishes, vacuum, hide personal items and set out fresh cut flowers. A first impression goes a very long way. If you happen to have kids or pets, the importance of understanding expectations becomes even more crucial. When it comes to having pets and your home on the market, the best option is to always remove them from the home when a showing occurs, and try to keep the home clear of pet hair and any litter boxes put away. If the pets are not friendly and worried they might be aggressive then they should be kept in a kennel during showings. You don’t want to have an accident and be liable. If you have a room dedicated to child toys in your house, stage it to show how great it is.

WHAT’S NEXT  |  Should you buy your new home before selling your current one? If you plan to buy another home, an important decision to make is whether to sell your home first or make an offer on a new home before putting yours on the market. Another important tip on how to prepare for the spring real estate market is to begin planning for your move. One of the worst mistakes that a homeowner can make is to wait to begin planning for their move, which can create confusion and delay the closing process.  I can help you evaluate how fast homes are selling in Sonoma County and help you estimate how long it will take you to find a home. This decision also depends on your financing, so you may want to consult with a lender to see how you can finance the transition from one home to another if you choose not to sell your home first. Since the Sonoma Valley spring real estate market is so fast paced, it’s feasible you may receive an offer within the first 24 hours and these are questions that must be answered before listing your home for sale.

IN ‘CLOSING’ |  If you’ve decided who to sell your home during the spring real estate market, I highly advise these steps for an enjoyable and successful experience. With the help of Carol Sebastiani & Associates, and by following the proper tips on how to prepare for the spring real estate market, it can be a very streamlined process. I look forward to helping you sell your next Sonoma home!


Where to Eat Out On Christmas in Wine Country and San Francisco


Where to Eat Out on Christmas in Wine Country and San Francisco

This Christmas, we suggest you skip the stress of planning out a holiday menu and head to some of our local Bay Area favorites for a beautiful dinner. We have compiled a list with restaruants throughout Wine Country and the Bay Area to celebrate in style and stress free!

Start a new Christmas tradition with a three-course contemporary holiday menu including caramelized sea scallops, porcini mushroom risotto, and a traditional bouche de noel for dessert. Additional wine pairings add a decadent touch to your Christmas dinner. // Reservations required, $79 per person with additional wine pairing $427377 St. Helena Hwy (Yountville),


Celebrate the holiday at the upscale Napa Valley Meritage Resort with a three-course menu complete with innovative interpretations on holiday favorites. Choices include chestnut bisque, slow-roasted Allen Brothers prime rib with nutmeg whipped potatoes, and for dessert, a holiday yule log with white chocolate and raspberry buttercream. // Tickets available, $80 per person, 875 Bordeaux Way (Napa),


Enjoy a classic Christmas dinner with a three-course menu including old favorites such as a prime-rib roast with whipped potatoes and garlic spinach, and new additions such as a light and refreshing winter citrus salad with Dungeness crab. Reservations required, call the restaurant. // For reservations 707-942-4969, seatings from 4:30-5:15pm and 7:15-8pm, 1712 Lincoln Ave. (Calistoga),


Spend a lavish Christmas day brunch buffet in the Palace Hotel’s Garden Court. All you can eat options include Bodega Bay oysters, hand-rolled sushi, a selection of dim sum, and a carved maple leaf duck breast. Did we mention the make-your-own bloody Mary bar? Break out your elastic-waist pants. // Reservations available 10:30am-4:30pm, $145 per person; 2 New Montgomery St. (SoMa),


Christmas at the Fairmont, with its millions of lights, 23-foot Christmas tree, and two-story gingerbread house is nothing short of decadent. Enjoy a savory Christmas morning brunch in the Crown Room with a jazz trio while the kiddos are busy taking photos with Santa. Sip on bottomless sparkling wine as you park yourself at the build-your-own brioche french toast bar or load your plate with hand rolled sushi, pit-fire porchetta, and Kusshi oysters.  // Reservations required, and they are booking up fast, Christmas Brunch seatings at 10am, 12:30, and 3pm, $149 per person, 950 Mason St (Nob Hill),

Step outside the holiday norm for a delicious Eastern European meal. Albona is serving their regular menu on Christmas Day, including pork loin stuffed with sauerkraut, prosciutto, and apples; and Adriatic stew with white Pacific rockfish, mussels, and calamari. // Reservations can be made for 5pm-10pm, 545 Francisco St. (North Beach),


Celebrate Christmas dinner with a traditional three-course dinner menu with a southern flair. Menu items include southern favorites such as barbecue shrimp and grits, fried chicken, cauliflower soup, and prime rib. Don’t skip out on the family-style sides—we love the buttermilk mashed potatoes and bourbon macaroni and cheese. // Make reservations for one of three seatings on Christmas, 2pm 4:30pm and 7pm, $79 per person, 1300 Fillmore, (Fillmore),


Executive chef Srijith Gopinathan is the winner of two Michelin stars and has curated a luxurious five-course menu for Christmas day that includes exotic twists and indulgent ingredients. We can’t wait to try the Maine lobster with coconut rice, guinea hen with shin-li pear and truffle glaze, and caramelized banana mousse with passion fruit sorbet and coco foam. If you’re keeping up with Joneses, this is the place to blow their dinner out of the water. // Christmas Dinner $150 per person, 350 Stockton St. (Union Square),

This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have dinner prepared for you by Michelin chef Daniel Corey at the InterContinental’s posh restaurant. Savor Corey’s three-course holiday menu, which features hand-cut beef tartar, short ribs with braised cabbage, and ginger-scented panna cotta for dessert. // Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner 5-9pm $95 per person, 888 Howard St. (SoMa),

Take a break from opening presents for a classic Christmas brunch buffet complete with bottomless mimosas and holiday favorites such as honey-mustard glazed ham and pumpkin-bread pudding. // Brunch buffet 10am-2pm, $70 per person, 2086 Alston Way (Berkeley),


On Christmas Eve, partake in an Italian tradition, the Feast of the Seven Fishes, with a local, sustainable four-course seafood menu. Begin with a trio of crudos, followed by Dungeness crab served with hand cut corzetti pasta, oven dried tomatoes and saffron butter. Save room for traditional Italian panettone, a sweet bread loaf loaded with dried fruits and nuts, and served with eggnog and grappa gelato for dessert. If you can’t make it on Christmas Eve, an á la carte menu is offered on Christmas and includes pizza, pasta, and a traditional Christmas ham with creamy polenta. // Feast of the Seven Fishes $60 per person 5-9pm Christmas Day Dinner available 12-8pm, One Broadway (Oakland),


For Christmas, this upscale French bistro is serving mussels provencale steamed with white wine, croque monsieur, and duck confit wrapped in feuille de brick pastry. // Reservations available for 5:30-10pm on Christmas Day, 641 Santa Cruz Ave. (Menlo Park),

Fine Art & Luxury Real Estate Go Hand-In-Hand

As we’ve become accustomed to reading about ‘eco-friendly’ homes, now luxury buyers want to experience ‘art-friendly’ interiors. Our Sonoma Modern Retreat is the perfect Sonoma luxury real estate example of the trend; with its expansive wall space, and radiant light, this space allows for the perfect opportunity to showcase your gorgeous canvases on nearly every wall.

Staging and Fine Art

It’s a given that Sotheby’s International Realty would be at the forefront of fine art and Sonoma luxury real estate trends. So this newest luxury home amenity is a naturally symbiotic relationship. Using fine art in the staging process is a mutually beneficial arrangement, as in luxury real estate, buyers are able to recognize wealth and the pieces add to the appeal of the space. Displaying art in this way also allows a galleries showcase to be exposed to a new audience.

“For luxury properties ranging from £4 million (US$4.9 million) to £18 million (US$22 million), art from the upper echelon was enlisted for visual enticement as well as potential sales,” ~Mansion Global

sonoma luxury real estateNew Amenities

In order to demand the prices, these properties require dramatic appeal. And this is seemingly what affluent buyers are looking for, in-home galleries seem to be the new tennis court or lap pool must-have amenity. Someone who has more than a decorative kind of vision could walk in and see the potential for a  well-curated collection of art.

So whether it’s finding a blank canvas to display your own personal exhibit, or falling in love with a home filled with incredible pieces, fine art and Napa Valley luxury real estate are an impressive pair- increasing the appeal of each other, and a gorgeous trend to keep an eye on.


Napa and Sonoma October Harvest Events

vintage drawing of a harvest eventOctober in Napa and Sonoma Valley, during harvest events, is perhaps the most beautiful time of year to be in wine country.  The grape vines have some of the most striking fall colors anywhere, as each varietal turns a different hue. With the changing pools of autumn gold and rust colored leaves,  the warm air and wine crush in full swing, Napa and Sonoma Valley are buzzing with fall excitement. The tapestry of color that adorns the Napa Valley in autumn, and the famous crush, make this a gorgeous scene not to be missed.

Harvest events for all ages

Napa and Sonoma harvest is dependent on summer weather and the sugar content of the grapes themselves. It generally begins in August with the lighter grapes such as Chardonnay, and ends in late September or October with the darker grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Napa harvest in October is also a great time to visit Napa Valley with children because of the variety of family-friendly harvest events. Whether you want to experience the thrill of the crush or take a leisurely tour of the valley’s estates, we invite you to experience a few of our favorite wine country harvest events:

The Harvest Fair

Voted the Best Annual Festival of Sonoma County in 2015, The Harvest Fair marks its 42nd year of showcasing our county’s world-class wine harvest, award-winning beer and abundance of culinary discoveries. The event offers a complete farm to table experience, and features incredible menu pairings, locally crafted beers and cider. The Grand Tasting Ticket offers highlights such as educational demonstrations, a cooking competition, expanded interactive tastings, World Championship Grape Stomp and The Wine Country Marketplace, where you can purchase locally procured jewelry, clothing, luxury soaps and olive oil.

1350 Bennett Valley Rd. Santa Rosa

Fri Sep 30, 2016 (4 PM – 9 PM)

Sat Oct 1, 2016 (10:30 AM – 5:00 PM)

Sun Oct 2, 2016 (10:30 AM – 5:00 PM)

Harvest Festival at Landmark Vineyards

Experience true Sonoma wine country living as a horse drawn carriage takes you on a ride through the vineyards. Delicious food, bocce ball, live music, and fabulous wine make this highly anticipated event not to be missed!

101 Adobe Canyon Road, Sonoma

Sat Oct 1, 2016  (11 AM -2 PM)

The St. Helena Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival has been St. Helena’s most-beloved Fall event for 30 years. The festival features live music, a kids carnival, a wine lounge, a food alley, and an array of arts and crafts, a Fun Run, Pet Parade, and ends with the Harvest Festival itself.

Oak Avenue, St. Helena

Oct 15, 2016 (11 AM – 4 PM)

Cornerstone Cellars Harvest party

Enjoy a perfect afternoon in Yountville as you celebrate with  gourmet wood fired pizza’s cooked on a classic 1946 International harvester, paired with the Cornerstone wines and live music.

6505 Washington St, Yountville

Sun Oct 23, 2016 (2 PM – 5PM)


There’s nothing like experiencing harvest events in Napa and Sonoma counties as a local. If you’re considering making that happen, contact us. We’d love to have you as a neighbor, and to help you find the perfect home or home away from home right here in California’s beautiful Wine Country. 

5 of The Best Wine Country Hotels – Just In Time For Harvest

As the end of Summer approaches, dedicated oenophiles may want to make their way to California’s Wine Country to experience the peak of wine-crushing season.

After the wine tours, tasting the best wines, and soaking in all the new fall colors, guests will want to escape to one of these 5 Wine Country hotels for a peaceful night’s rest.


Carneros Inn, Napa Valley

swimming pool lined with lounge chairs at one of the wine country hotels
On approx. 27 acres, this Wine Country hotel is surrounded by farmland and orchards in the heart of Napa Valley. The hotel features 86 private guest cottages and suites.

Spacious private suites showcase indoor fireplaces, soaking tubs, and outdoor showers. Spa, gym, and pool are some of the amenities this fantastic resort has to offer.

Guests can dine at any of their three restaurants, each of which feature seasonal menus and local farm-to-table ingredients. Just in time for fall, the PlumpJack “Wine Crush” package includes a two-night stay in a two-bedroom suite, private chef-led cooking classes, private barrel-tasting sessions, tasting tours, and a wine gift box. Rates start at $3,800, based on double occupancy.


| |


Meadowood, St. Helena


Wine Country Hotels


This stunning Wine Country hotel sits on approximately 250 acres, and is surrounded by hillsides, mountains and foliage. Meadowood is known for its gorgeous natural setting and classic architecture. Amenities at the resort include three restaurants (one of which has been awarded three Michelin stars), gyms, car service to surrounding towns, access to personal fitness trainers, hiking trails, and more.

In time for fall, guests can take advantage of the resort’s Napa Valley Harvest Travel package. The package starts at $1,000 per night, based on double occupancy, and allows guests to choose a daily wine tour from four nearby wineries: Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley, Hall St. Helena, B Cellars, and Phifer Pavitt Wines. Onsite sommeliers plan wine tours, make vintner introductions, and offer afternoon wine receptions.


| |


Calistoga Ranch

a hot tub, deck and lounge chairs surrounded by trees at one of the wine country hotels


Calistoga Ranch sits among a rock-laced stream in a private canyon in Napa Valley.

A private lake, and 157 acres of serene wilderness are part of the escape during your stay at this stunning retreat. The resort has an award-winning spa, hiking trails, pools, and an on-site vineyard.

The hotel’s Indulge Your Senses fall package, which starts at $1,820 per night, lets guests take in the fall foliage in a relaxed and intimate setting. It features a two-night stay (or longer) in a private guest lodge equipped with a fireplace, a king-size bed, a soaking tub, and spacious outdoor terraces. Guests can take advantage of other package options that include dinner for two at the Lakehouse restaurant, hour-long spa treatments for two, and a four-hour tour of three exclusive wineries.


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Bardessono Hotel & Spa, Yountville

vineyard adjacent to the Bardessono Hotel, one of several top wine country hotels


Located in downtown Yountville, Bardessono Hotel & Spa is equipped with 62 guest rooms, a highly rated restaurant, and a rooftop pool. During wine-crush season, the hotel offers a Taste Life Here package that provides guests with an overview of the Napa Valley harvest. Available through the end of December, the customizable package starts at $,1450 per night and includes six hours of car service, a full day of wine tasting, and a picnic for two.

While Bardessono can arrange winery tours at any of the surrounding cellars, the easily accessible Gargiulo Vineyards offers one of the finest experiences in the area. After arriving at the secluded vineyard, guests will be given a private tour of the vineyards and cellar and will sample a selection of wines sure to please anyone! Other high-end wineries in the area include Sabina Vineyards, Fairchild Wines, and Anomaly.


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Farmhouse Inn, Sonoma County


Courtyard with lawn and chairs at Sonoma County's Farmhouse Inn, one of the top wine country hotels
Surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards, this hotel features 25 hotel rooms and suites, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a heated pool & spa.

The resort has partnered with 12 local wineries to offer guests easy access to top-notch facilities. To celebrate the season, the Farmhouse Inn has put together a special package which includes three nights starting at $1,400.

Concierge service, farm-to-table breakfast, and a selection of spa products are amenities included with your stay.


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Harvest season is a beautiful time in Wine Country, and these hotels will truly encompass what Sonoma and Napa are all about. Escape the fog, and come drink, eat, and unwind from city life.


And if you need more of this in your life, remember you can always continue to visit our website for our fabulous listings or let us find you a more permanent Wine Country retreat!

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend logoSonoma Wine Country Weekend

The ideal “Wine Country” getaway weekend is upon us…and it sounds like a fantastic time!

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend is one of the largest charity events we have here in town, which brings together more than 200 of Sonoma’s top winemakers and growers. The event also brings together local chefs, for the perfect combo of food, fun, fundraising, and wine.

As the organizers put it on – this event is “three delicious, decedent days to get up close and personal with Sonom County’s full bounty of flavors”

Part of the proceeds will benefit the ongoing fund for the Future Campaign, which has a goal to bring the county’s third-grade literacy rate to 90 percent by 2018. $1.7M was raised last year, which was record breaking.


This is one of the best weekends to be up in Sonoma, so make sure to mark your calendars – and be ready to EAT, DRINK, and DONATE!


The schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 4th: Eat, drink, and dance poolside at Sonoma Starlight at Francis Ford Coppola Winery. 6:30 to 10:00 p.m.

Saturday, September 5th: Taste of Sonoma, at the MacMurray Estate Vineyards, features 200 wines plus menu pairings from over 60 Sonoma County chefs.

Sunday, September 6th: The Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction at Chateau St. Jean in Kenwood. Eat, drink, and bid.

There will be winemaker dinners, lunches, and BBQ’s throughout the county to celebrate.


Full details here.

Sonoma County Ranks Among The Top 20 Places To Live In US

vineyard and hillside in Sonoma County, one of the top 20 places to liveSonoma County Ranks Among The Top 20 Places To Live In US, based in part on its climate and scenery, out of 3,111 counties in the United States, according to an article in the Press Democrat.

From the past and deep into the federal government’s files, a study has come up reaffirming Sonoma County is, indeed, the North Coast’s sublimity.


This year the summer climate is slightly less temperate than in 1999, with an average July daytime high temperature of 83 degrees compared to 78 degrees in 1999. The the winter climate this January was 63 degrees, more temperate than the average daytime high of 57 degrees in January 1999.

The rankings don’t take into account population growth, traffic commute, housing prices, access to health care and other quality of life matters.

Human efforts to protect the landscape and water bodies have played a significant role in the sustained beauty.

bridge over lake sonoma, one of the attractions making Sonoma County one of the top 20 places to live.“But I feel the best measure of quality of life is that a lot of people want to live here” said Ben Stone, director of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. He added that highway travel and air service have improved and that “our natural beauty has only increased.”

Sonoma really is a rare beautiful place, that some of us are lucky enough to call home. Some of us get to live here full-time, while others get to escape the fog of San Francisco and drive 45 minutes into what some consider “a whole different way of living.”


If you want to escape the city-life (even just for the weekend), Sonoma is the place to be! Continue to check out our current inventory, and call us, because where you live matters!