Summer Sports Are Heating Up in the Bay Area and a New Owner Emerges for The Sonoma Stompers

sonoma stompersTake me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd, buy me some peanuts and a BASEBALL TEAM?

Yes, you read that right… a baseball team. The Sonoma Stompers, professional baseball team, is under new ownership. Local businessman and Sonoma native, Jon Sebastiani, founder of KRAVE Jerky and other Sonoma Brands, has purchased the team from former owner, Eric Gullotta.

Sebastiani has big plans for the Stompers baseball organization; plans that will not only benefit the team, but the community as well. “I am thrilled to continue the growth of the Sonoma Stompers organization by elevating fan experiences and making the club an even larger part of the fabric of our community. I want to help build something that the town is proud of and to give back to the community here in a way that is unique,” said Sebastiani.

So, what does that mean for the Stomper’s fan’s experience and the community of Sonoma? For one, Stomper’s fans can anticipate a larger selection of food and wine! (Because no true Wine Country experience is complete without…WINE.) Sebastiani also looked to the locals for some feedback, taking the extra step to create an advisory board of Sonomans who share a passion for the game and community. “We’re coming up with creative ways that we can benefit the community and make the games really fun…The most important thing is that the Stompers be a vehicle for wholesome family entertainment,” said Sebastiani.

There are plans to create lasting relationships/partnerships with various community groups that include the Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma, the Hanna Boys Center and other groups that will help attract newer fans. Through these partnerships Sebastiani hopes to raise money for worthy causes and give back to the Sonoma community; a community he is so proud of.

You can get your Stomper’s fix in Sonoma starting June 13th (the Stompers started on the road June 2). For more information on the Sonoma Stompers, please visit

As the Sonoma Stompers get ready for their season opener, some of the Bay Area teams are either ready to unwind or mid-season. Let’s recap on some 2017 Bay Area Team’s seasons.


sonoma stompers warriorsGolden State Warriors

Can we say déjà vu? Looks like 2017 will bring another showdown between bitter NBA rivals, our beloved Golden State Warriors and last year’s champs the Cleveland Cavilers who narrowly edged out the Warriors last year.

What a season the Warriors have had! Making history by going 12-0 through three rounds, the Golden State Warriors are looking to even the score. All this excitement happening, all the while the 2016 NBA Champions Cavaliers lost but only one game in the Eastern Conference.

As we prepare for the end of the 2017 season, it appears the finals are gearing up to be quiet the epic trilogy, leaving the ball in anyone’s court! The NBA Finals continue June 8 at 6 p.m. PST on ABC. Warriors lead the Series 2-0 and are in Cleveland. For more information on everything Golden State visit


san francisco giants sonoma stompersSF Giants

The start of the season showcased a team unrecognizable from last year’s division hopefuls, but are we beginning to see a 2017 season comeback? Hard to say and as every fan knows, the season is long and October seems like a distant question of what is to come. Was starting the season opener with a loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks a peek into what the future will bring for the SF Giants? It surely felt that way as they continued their losing streak going 9-17 in the first month of the season.

However, despite starting the season with major offensive battles, the Giants look to be turning their luck around. The May 12th game seemed to be the turning point for the Giants going 17 innings before taking the win against the Cincinnati Reds and further advancing, with a five-game winning streak. The month of May produced strong numbers for the Giants, but what is stopping them from the needed full-blown comeback?

A couple of issues come to mind: late-game disasters, a weak offensive and less than impressive bullpen performances. The Giants are just not getting the hits they need, while their opponents are smashing home runs in bundles mostly against the relief pitching; which remains the Team’s biggest struggle.

Fans are hoping for a dramatic comeback with so many games to go. As any true baseball fan knows, the game is not over until the final out is called. For all things SF Giants, visit