Sonoma County Ranks Among The Top 20 Places To Live In US

vineyard and hillside in Sonoma County, one of the top 20 places to liveSonoma County Ranks Among The Top 20 Places To Live In US, based in part on its climate and scenery, out of 3,111 counties in the United States, according to an article in the Press Democrat.

From the past and deep into the federal government’s files, a study has come up reaffirming Sonoma County is, indeed, the North Coast’s sublimity.


This year the summer climate is slightly less temperate than in 1999, with an average July daytime high temperature of 83 degrees compared to 78 degrees in 1999. The the winter climate this January was 63 degrees, more temperate than the average daytime high of 57 degrees in January 1999.

The rankings don’t take into account population growth, traffic commute, housing prices, access to health care and other quality of life matters.

Human efforts to protect the landscape and water bodies have played a significant role in the sustained beauty.

bridge over lake sonoma, one of the attractions making Sonoma County one of the top 20 places to live.“But I feel the best measure of quality of life is that a lot of people want to live here” said Ben Stone, director of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. He added that highway travel and air service have improved and that “our natural beauty has only increased.”

Sonoma really is a rare beautiful place, that some of us are lucky enough to call home. Some of us get to live here full-time, while others get to escape the fog of San Francisco and drive 45 minutes into what some consider “a whole different way of living.”


If you want to escape the city-life (even just for the weekend), Sonoma is the place to be! Continue to check out our current inventory, and call us, because where you live matters!