Fine Art & Luxury Real Estate Go Hand-In-Hand

As we’ve become accustomed to reading about ‘eco-friendly’ homes, now luxury buyers want to experience ‘art-friendly’ interiors. Our Sonoma Modern Retreat is the perfect Sonoma luxury real estate example of the trend; with its expansive wall space, and radiant light, this space allows for the perfect opportunity to showcase your gorgeous canvases on nearly every wall.

Staging and Fine Art

It’s a given that Sotheby’s International Realty would be at the forefront of fine art and Sonoma luxury real estate trends. So this newest luxury home amenity is a naturally symbiotic relationship. Using fine art in the staging process is a mutually beneficial arrangement, as in luxury real estate, buyers are able to recognize wealth and the pieces add to the appeal of the space. Displaying art in this way also allows a galleries showcase to be exposed to a new audience.

“For luxury properties ranging from £4 million (US$4.9 million) to £18 million (US$22 million), art from the upper echelon was enlisted for visual enticement as well as potential sales,” ~Mansion Global

sonoma luxury real estateNew Amenities

In order to demand the prices, these properties require dramatic appeal. And this is seemingly what affluent buyers are looking for, in-home galleries seem to be the new tennis court or lap pool must-have amenity. Someone who has more than a decorative kind of vision could walk in and see the potential for a  well-curated collection of art.

So whether it’s finding a blank canvas to display your own personal exhibit, or falling in love with a home filled with incredible pieces, fine art and Napa Valley luxury real estate are an impressive pair- increasing the appeal of each other, and a gorgeous trend to keep an eye on.